Monday, June 22, 2009

In Honor of Little Ethan!

I did'nt know this brave little boy Ethan but recently read about his story through a blog I have recently started to follow Jen Tapler Designs Ethan was diagnosed with Nuroblastoma in July of 2007 and on June 12,2009 he gained his wings.You can read more about this Brave little boy at his moms site here!
Pink Cat Studios has designed the Weiman Wranglers digital stamps to honor the life of Ethan Weiman and raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. The Cowboy Ethan and Cowgirl Ava digital stamps can be purchased separately for $4.00 each or combined for $6.00. You can read about and purchase the digital download HERE. Here's a look at the digi stamps:

Here is what I made in honor of Ethan:

Love,Sanwanya Moser


Toothy said...

Love it, so cute, love that paper too. That is sad I hope Ethasn gets well soon.

Toothy said...

OK I just went to her blog and saw all the pictures of Ethan and realized he passed away and am crying right now. That is so sad.