Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ladybug Hugs

Today was a eventful day on my street and not only that a little scary.One of my neighbors down the street had a house fire !She was cooking lunch she said and the oil caught on fire so it happened in the kitchen.Thank God her and her daughter got out safely and was able to call the fire department and I think every fire departmeny on my side of town was parked in our street and in front of our house!The kids all loved seeing the fire trucks and the lights!Me I was gla dto have pace and quiet and while the kids was napping I made a little card for my neighbors daughter she was prety shooken up from it and thought she could use one!!I hope everyone is haveing a fantastic thursday!



Toothy said...

cute card, sorry to hear about the fire, that was a nice thing for you to do. My Mom started a big greese fire cooking.

Jan said...

Your ladybug hugs card is so sweet! I love it! I have an award for you on my blog
It's the friendship award that's right on the top left of my blog!
Have a HAPPY day!