Thursday, January 28, 2010

TGF CHA RELAY ..Cub Toby and Prince Ian

Sorry this is a bit later then what I wanted to post it got busy getting caught up with mommy and wife duties that I have set a side for a couple of days and on top of that this crazy ice/snow weather that we are sopose to be getting but yet have not only does it have the whole city and cities around me going crazy it has the schools on top of it anyways here is TGF CHA RELAY Cub Toby:

I am not to happy with my turn out for one I think Cub Toby is meant to be a boy adn I made him into a girl and just the whole card layout and such just dont look all that great to me but that is ok had fun coloring him/her with my copics..
Now second card is Prince Ian and i must say I love how my card turned out.Again I used my copic to color him :

Have a great day!

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This N That said...

I LOVE this card of Prince Ian! I mean, L-O-V-E! I had to look TWICE! Its spectacular! Woot!