Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!

First I want to give thanks to GOD for giving me yet another year,day,hour with my family,without him I don't think I would be here for he gives me every breath I take!The last three years has been a roller coaster with my health and to be honest the only reason I am alive is God,I didnt even realize how bad I was untill my DH finally made me see a doctor! No I do not have cancer just female issues that caused some other issuues but anyways no details today.I am alive and doing better and that I give GOD the credit for!!

Now to my wonderful birthday details,My birthday for most of you know was June 30,my wonderful kids made me some cards and a pretty good cake!Then that evening my wonderful MIL made me a birthday dinner and fudge brownie with homemade ice cream,it was amazing,I really do have the best in-laws!!!They gave me cute card and a gift card to o eat out and to have a date night with my huby!!My husband had to work on my birthday so we was not able to celebrate till last night which was by far one of the best date nights ever!Thank you grandparents for keeping our kids!!We went to Red Lobster or one of my favorites then we went and got kids some fireworks for tonight and he then took me to best buy to buy my birthday gift which was a total surprise since we are so broke all the time from doctor bills an every day life but he made it happen and bought me a flip video which i have been wanting for sometime now!!Thank you hubby your truly amazing!!

After all that I got some me time and I ended up watching a movie and going to bed,I even got to sleep in till 9 am which never happens to me ever!!I am truly blessed and count my blessing every day!
Hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July!

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Toothy said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday!