Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolutions??

Wow has it really been Thanksgiving since my last post!?!?! Did everyone have a nice Christmas? I did I was so happy to see my kids happy! I do have to admit that I am glad it comes around once a year! My bank account as to have time to recover !! I received a new camera finally ! I love it and still have alot to learn from it but I do have to say my pictures will be so much better !! Thank you babe you are amazing!(Not that you read my blog )!!
Any one have a New Years resolutions?? I do and would like to share !
1:Loose the last 10 maybe 15 pounds and keep it off!
2:Put money into savings account and keep it there!
3:Blog more such a slacker!!
4:Make more time for me
5:Hang with friends more
6:Make more cards and hand them out more
7:Make family time a prioty(kids dont stay little forever)
Thank you for stopping by and feel free to share some of your new years resolution!
Happy New Year and I will be back more often!!

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