Friday, February 18, 2011

Story behing my Blog

Hello my readers and welcome all new followers!
I wanted to share with you the meaning and why I came up with my blog name!
Little Bit of This and That came from me wanting to share with everyone my crafting and card making creations and still be able to share my family and my life with everyone!
So it's a little bit of this and that I share every week {or at least i try to}!!I love to blog and love reading blogs not only in the crafting and card making world but also in the world of everyones life and family! I might add I am addicted to reading blogs!If I dont do anything else on a daily bases I at least cheach out and read blogs I follow! I lover the blog world!
Well I hope that helps to describe where my blog name came from!
Have a wonderful spring like day!

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