Thursday, March 3, 2011

Miracle Party

Hello everyone can you believe it's March already? Wow spring is just a couple weeks away I am so excited although rumor has it we are sopose to be getting yet one more BIG snow storm at the end of the month so we shall see:(
I am writting to let you know that in my ETSY shop for the whole month of March all sales will go towards a foundation called Miracle Party {a miracle foundation party for childhood cancer}
You can find what it is all about all the information here:Miracle Party .
I have a couple of FB friend who has lost a child and a couple who has a child who had cancer but is clear for now and doinf well.This breaks my heart and I want to do all that I can to help thses kids have the best day of their life they dont deserve to have cancer and to go throuh all what they do to stay alive.That is why I am asking if you need a handmade card or a premade scrapbook page please visit my ETSY shop and make a purchase .Do see what you want message me and I will do a custom order.You can even make a donatiom straight through the Miracle Party website,any amount will help these kids have the best day of their lifes!
Thank you!

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