Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trevor turns 7 party it is!

Trevor Turned 7

So this past week my middle little man turned 7 and I have never seen a child be so happy about a birthday then what he was.I think it was all about being the BIG 7.He woke up that morning June 15 and said mom it's my birthday and I am 7 years old I think I grew some and I can now make my own cereal lol he brings such joy to my life.This year he wanted a lego party ,which was erfect since he is into lego big time,that is his and his dads quality time just sitting at his lego table building legos,it just melts my heart.This was such a easy birthday to plan and I knew wxactly how i wanted to do it after a few weeks pryor remember seeing the idea online.I made all decorations and I decorating juice boxes,gift bags,and even his gifts was made into lego's!

I did not make the cake although I probably could have but I usually mess things up so I didnt even try :) Our family friend made it and it was even more cute in person and it tasted so yummy!!

This is just pictures of the lego theme party.We took lil man to fast lanes(entertainment place where you bowl,lazor tag,go carts,etc) with just the family and one friend and he was in heaven it was so much fun.Will post another blog later with pictures.

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