Monday, December 19, 2011

Robot Party part 1

My monkey turned 5...5 is that even possible.I still remember the day i went into labor ..never in a million years would I of thought of delivering a baby 6 weeks early but I did and he was a big trooper and just perfect~

So this year I went with a Robot theme party..and it was the best party yet! A lot of kiddos let me tell ya!I made most of my decorations and our dear family friend made his cake.I was so pleased .He loved it!

This is part 1

These are only a few of the pictures from the party..part to will come later.Thank you for stopping by.I need to start blogging more I miss it along with crafting and making my cards!


Toothy said...

Love your robot party! Cute little bottle decorations and cupcake toppers.

priyanka hrmarketing said...

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ctadvisory said...

waoo nice post about "Robot Party part 1"


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