Sunday, October 12, 2008

So I have had one of those weeks where you had so much you had to do and so much you wanted to do but no energy ot motivation to do it.I hate when I feel like that.I did make a couple of cards for my nieces birthdays but I sent them off and forgot to get a picture.Maybe next time.

So last sunday I decided to make some chocolatechip muffins for my boys(when I say my boys it includes hubby has well)!They turned out great they all chowed down on them and I even ate one ok maybe two.

So after a long week I decided friday after my middle rugrat got out of class I would take them to the pumpkin patch.They always enjoy picking out their own pumpkin.

Trevor picked out his .He always goes for the big ones but we dont always get the biggest due to space.So he was happy with his second choice and we went on to Brett's.

Brett picked the smallest cause it was the only one he could really pick up and throw has a ball.Anything round he thinks its a ball.It cute but can be dangerous.Here is Brett's lil pumpkin!!So this week we will be decorating them and will be posting pics afterwards.
I hope everyone has a great week.


Heather said...

Awww!!! The muffins look SO YUMMY!!! I want some:) And the pumpkin story is so cute and so familiar! My son is the same way about balls!!! if it is round .. it will be thrown! :) Great pics, thanks for sharing and for my comment you left me ;)

MamaCass07 said...

He, he, he! Noah was trying to throw them too. What's up with that? LOVE those muffins! I can almost taste them!