Sunday, February 8, 2009

One long week!

Happy Sunday everyone!Another week has slowly passed by I say slowly cause for me it has been one long week.I have had a very sick little guy for two weeks and have not been able to clean much,do hardly any laundry,and wasnt able to make any cards(well one card for my v-day partner over in cafemom but that was it)A couple of pictures of a very miserable lil man:

I broke down and took him to the doc when his fever was getting has high has 103 almost 104 and nothing I did took it down.He had a sinus infection,ear infection,possible a stomach virus and a touch of pnominia(spelling) yeah pretty bad.But good news he is so much better.The fever is gone,the vomitting is gone the ear infection is i assume is gone all he has now is a touch of the cough and one huge snotty nose!!

So today I was woke up at 5 am and after tossing and turning for 30 minutes I decided to get up and make a card..yes thats right make a card I wasnt sure what I wanted to make and how but just wanted to make one.I have a sister who has stopped by a few times to check on me and the sick kiddo and called daily and even brought me lunch one day so I think this card will go to her!

So after talking over with hubby about taking the little guy out he dicided it was best to keep him home one more day(today is the last day for his antibiotics too)and not tempt taking him to church around all the kids and possible spreading something or catching something again so we are home bound once more day but I so cant wait till next sunday for I miss church and the sermons!Lil man misses his class and so tired of being trapped inside !!


Heather said...

Oh poor baby! I am glad he is feeling a little better and hope he is up and running / playing again soon.

Your card is adorable!!! I love the flower!

Kim Dellow said...

Good that he is feeling better. Beautiful card. Kim

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