Saturday, January 31, 2009

This past weekend was my 5th year wedding anniversary and hubby and I decided to got to Branson Mo for the weekend since its been over a year since we have gotten to do anything away from ALL the kids.We was sopose to leave friday night but with sitter issues we didnt get to leave till saturday the day of our anniversary.We had a great time done some shopping,watch a movoe,ate at Red Lobster something we never ever get to do!Saturday night decided to call check on the kiddos and to find out our little man the 2 year old was sick,what he was just fine all week and up untill we dropped him off!He started the fever then throwing up then the nasty diapers.Grandma insisted we stay that he would be ok.Sunday morning we went and done some more shopping and decided to head home a little early.By the time we got home he was so so so sick.It lasted till monday.Here is one nice thing I received for my annivesary dont get me wrong it was nice getting away but being away knowing one of your kids is back home sick it makes it hard to REALLY have a good time.

Monday we also had to get prepared for what they was saying the worst ice storm that we have ever had.Well I totally believe it cause it was BAD.We lost power for a day and half of a night and there is still people around us that dont have power.There is still ice on the roads and trees but it is melting for today sopose to be 60!Wdnesday after being trapped inside I decided to let the kiddos out to play Brett was feeling good no one was sick so why not!Well thursday little Brett woke up very clingy and cranky and wasnt acting himself by 8 am he was running 102.1 temp and it lasted all day wouldnt eat wouldnt drink he was once again so so so sick.His temp got up to 103. and wasnt able to get it to go down till late that night and friday he ran a low grade fever all day but was feeling better and up playing around and even ate a little!

On top of all this monday we got news that my oldest sister had passed away.What a sudden thing.At first we thought it was natural causes but her dauughter and a couple others has reasons to think it wasnt but it was caused by someone.Reasons for this was from a phone call she recieved the night before,anyways its a long story and its been a long week and long process to prepare for her funeral and it is today.The body cant be there cause of test but we are doing a memerial type of service with music and pictures and such.My mom is not doing so well and my sisters daughter but im leaving it GODS hands and know that he will be there for them for us all.Today is the service so I need to get off and get things ready !Hope you all have a great weekend and Gods bless.Remember even the little things in life is important!(sorry for a long post)!!

love,Sanwanya Moser

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Jan said...

WOWZA!!! Love your ring and congrats on your Annniversary! I'm glad you were able to get away and celebrate! I know it's difficult to get away when you have kids. Ours are beyond the babysitter age (or shoul be LOL) but with their schedules it's hard to take off and find time for hubby and me! CONGRATS!!!