Saturday, July 11, 2009

Anew baby to cuddle and to hold!!

Nothing like a newborn baby to cuddle and to hold:)I made this card for my friend Krista over at CM she just gave birth to a baby girl a couple days ago!I miss my boys being babies but I also look forward to no more diapers and being to go out and do more.I even often have the urge to have another I know that I cant.Anyways wish you and your family all the best!!

I also want to share a couple of pictures of my monkey with his new hair cut.I have given him a trim now and then before but I had decided I am tired or the sweat and boyish smell and went with a short cut.I miss his hair but I know he has to feel better since iut has been sooooo HOT here.I cut hit were he can wear it spiked or flat.I nipped a spot on top of his head but I am no barber and know that it will grow back in no time.

Have a great saturday and hope that everyones enjoys the day with family or friends!!


Jessica said...

Super cute card!

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

how cute and your son is so sweet, just adorable!

enjoy *~*