Sunday, February 6, 2011

Got my hair did!

Before the

What do you know it's sunday again! What a nasty cold snowy week! I am so sick of winter and so ready for summer! Havent got to craft in couple of days due to snow days and trying to keep kids entertained since we was snowed in!But I do have some pictures (of me of course)that i wanted to share! I am so inspired by LMM's blog and decide to just go with it and learn to love myself and the way I look in pictures! I have always hated pictures (even though I love take them)but I am putting that behind me and start taking more of myself I believe my kids will love that when they get older and actually have pictures of their old momma!

After the Do!

Wow that is alot of pictures!Guess I got carried away!Anways there yo have it !Happy Supper Bowl Sunday!

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