Thursday, February 3, 2011

Composition Book Cover

Hello Crafty friends ! Guess what? We are still snowed so over this stuff! I took advantage of the snow day and made a composition notebook cover! I found this awesome tutorial over at Momma Go Round and loved it! The only thing is I did not use my sewing machine!{I am still learning to sew}So instead of sewing I used Heat n Bond !!This stuff is Ah-Mazing!! I am going to do my best to give you a tutorial on how I made mine! If you prefer to sew you can find much better tutorial over at Momma Go Round blog!

Supplie you will need!

Iron,Heat n Bond,compostion notebook,measuring tape
and of course fabric of choice!
Step one: measure your notebook ,mine just happen to be the same size as Momma Go Rounds so I just used her measurements:notebook{9.5 x 7.5 }Double the width(15 inches)and add 9 inches,add 1 inch to the height,measurements should be 24 x 10.5

Step two:cut and measure your fabric

Step three: this is where you would sew but I used heat and bond cut the amount you need and iron down the crease.

Step four:fold down 3.5 sections for form the pockets:

Repeat last step on the other side:

Here is my final project! I am no good at tutorial and for a better one go to Momma Go Round's blog ! She did it a little differant from mine and hers turned out so much better!
Have a wonderful day stay warm and stay crafty!

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Toothy said...

so cute, I am afraid to work with fabric. LOL everybody is venturing into projects with fabric and not paper, I can't do it, I tried to knit and so and just trying to get the fabric to crease right, working with the tape drove me crazy.