Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days Snow Days!

Sorry not much crafting going on here for me ! I want so bad to get out my craft supplies and play! We was hit with a ice and snow storm so we are snowed in and kids are home from school! So instead of me crafting im playing with play doh crayons,wii,and doing a whole lot of snuggling!I do hope to get the house cleaned up and get my car dug out from 8 inches of snow and play with the kids in it and get some cards made and even my son's V-day goddie bags done!We shall see!I do want to share some snow pictures with you today for starts ! I will have tons more !!

Car covered in sleet and ice before the snow hit
My car covered in snow after the ice stopped falling!

My front Door step

I am sure I am not the only one getting hit by this storm!I know I am so ready for summer!

I am not a winter person and enjoy my heat!

Hope everyone has a great day! Stay warm and crafty!

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