Thursday, October 30, 2008

So today i decided to just sit myself down at nap time and make a card.I rceived this snowbunnybella from a lady over at cafemom in one of my groups.I just love her and will one day own her!!I bought this awesome snowflake punch at good oh wal-mart last night and was just dieing to use it.
Tomorrow has we all know is Halloween and I have such a busy day.But hope to get another card done for I have a birthday coming up well two and need to get started.Tomorrow also my little guy 22 months old gets his staples out and I am so so so very nervous but feel like I will be able to breath again .He makes me so nervous hitting his head all the time.Toddlers are so active !!Well guess I better go get my nightly duties done and get ready for my busy day tomorrow!!Happy Halloween and please be safe!!
Love,Sanwanya Moser

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Heather said...

This card is so so cute!!! I love these colors with her. and I love the punch too! My walmart totally does not have anything like that! lol!!!

Hope you have a very fun and safe Halloween :)