Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wow what a night what a week.So glad the elections are over and so disappointed in the outcome but we wont go there !!!

I am trying to get prepared for the holidays this year by starting a little early this year exspecially with birthdays being close to christmas and all.Oh talk about christmas omgosh I was in walmart today and I wanted to walk right back out of there .Why cant they not play christma music till at least after thanksgiving.Makes me so upset I feel like it takes the fun out of it.Really does everyone want to hear that already.I want to enjoy christmas but want to get past thanksgiving first.

I made a gift set for a close friend of mine for christmas and plan on makeing a few more things handmade this year.Its fun for me and a little cheaper since money is so tight for us this year.(who isnt tight on money huh)and I know whoever receives them will really enjoy them so it all works out:

So here is my first project:It is a altered notebook with matching post it note holder.I feel like the notebook could have more detail to it but I am so lacking creativity .
I plan on working on a few more over the weekend long with sons birthdya invites.But with my middle son being sick again and hubby working I may not get to.
So untill next time.Have a great rest of the week and lovely weekend!!
Much love,Sanwanya Moser

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