Saturday, January 17, 2009


Me and my Hubby of 5 years the 24th!!Oh I love him so so much!!

Wow I cant believe its been so long since I have written.I so need to keep up with my blog!I am so excited for the new year,I believe its going to be a good year.My kids are growing up so fast.It makes me sad that my oldest turned 12 the 9th and it scares me that he will be teenager next year!I will also have a kindergarder this year and that does nothing but depresses me!My baby turned 2 the 16 od dec and I cant not believe he is two already!He is my little monkey and want him to stay a baby forever!!lol yes i know that isnt possible! Im becoming a better mother and wife has I .I will be married for 5 years the 24th and cant believe it has been 5 years.I love my hubby more and more everyday ! He is my best friend,my soul mate ,my lover,the father of my kids!!Anyways.....

So i made a v-day card and thought it turned out ok!I so wish I could color better and put together cards but im learning more and more every day.I have been cardmaking for 5 years or so but I never knew what you can put into a card till i join cafemom and the card groups wow those girlies are talented!!!I have alsways just made simple cards.

Here is my card!

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MamaCass07 said...

Awe, this is cute. I know. I have been card-making about that long if you don't count the years that I made my own cards and stationary as a kid.